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Pro Sleep | 75 min

Pro Sleep | 75 min


Close your eyes and let all your worries slowly disappear as the massage begins. With the warm aromatic tranquility oils the lymphatic systems are activated and the blood circulation improves. Stress will leave the body with every gentle massage movement and emotional blockages will be removed.

The massage with soft brushes will create a feeling of mental peace and ultimate relaxation that ensure a deeper and better night's sleep. The tranquility odor features contribute to the whole by bringing the mind into a calm and peaceful state.

This delightful ritual then continues with a refined facial rich in products tailored to your needs. Together with our specialists, we look at the actions that best suit your skin type.


  • Tranquility welcome ritual
  • Relaxing massage with gentle movements
  • Facial treatment tailored to your skin condition


- Sauna entrance is not included. - Advance reservations are necessary.